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Cenbird High-pressure washing tricycle
High pressure washing tricycle is a type of tricycle that is specifically designed for high-pressure cleaning. High pressure washing tricycle typically has a large water tank, a high-pressure washer, and a hose reel. The water tank is mounted on the back of the tricycle, and the high-pressure washer is mounted on the front. The hose reel is located on the side of the tricycle.
Product Detail

High pressure washing tricycles are a convenient and efficient way to clean large areas. They are also a good option for businesses and organizations that need to clean a variety of surfaces.

Basic configuration of high pressure washing tricycle:

1200W standard motor

60V lead-acid battery

Speed 25KM/H

Fearures of High pressure washing tricycle:

1. The high pressure washing tricycle is exquisite,compact, flexible,good mobility,economic application.

2. Large capacity flushing water tank,two high-pressure sprinklers are designed at the rear of the front wheel to flush the ground,the rear box is equipped with a long-handled high-pressure flushing gun,which can effectively improve the operation time.

3. The high pressure washing tricycle water tank is 500L overall thickened rotomolding water tank,with good leakproof.

4. High pressure washing tricycle equipped with two sets of brake devices,parking brake can brake double rear wheels at the same time,to ensure the safety of road driving and operation.

5. The high pressure washing tricycle washing method is divided into two kinds,front end side washing,hand held washing.

6. This high pressure washing tricycle flushing machine is a gasoline motive pump set,strong and powerful,maximum flushing pressure 240 bar.

7. Lead-acid battery is optional for this model.

high pressure washing tricycle

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